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  • Finding Inspiration: Perform® Custom Gives You a Head Start

    Inspiration can come from any number of places—some obvious; some not so obvious.

    Where did Michelangelo come up with the idea for painting the Cistine Chapel? Where did J. K. Rowling come up with the idea for Harry Potter? Where did you come up with the theme for your last recital? Ideas, both big and small, can emerge from both the mundane and the sublime.

    Competitions and spring performances are right around the corner. We know that you approach every performance with the strong desire to “wow” both your dancers and their audiences. That’s what dance is all about, the performance.

    The outfit the dancer wears is an extremely important piece of the overall performance. It should perfectly complement the music and choreography, not detract or take away from the inspiration of the piece. When you have that perfect vision in mind, it is often impossible to find the exact look through traditional methods of catalog and online shopping. Sometimes, that special piece needs a special costume, and that is where custom design comes in. When you have that perfect style and look in mind that you can’t find anywhere, have you ever tried designing it yourself?

    Approaching custom design can be an intimidating and confusing process. Finding a company or seamstress you trust to turn your unique vision into reality, while fitting within your budget and timeline can certainly be a challenge, especially if it is your first custom style. Curtain Call can help make the process easy with Perform® Custom. Log in to our website and select custom design under the Perform catalog,  the process  will lead you through  creating your design by changing fabrics and colors until you achieve just the right look for your performance.  It’s easy and inspiring—and fun!

    With over 200 fabrics to choose from, the possibilities are endless which, we know, can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s where your Relationship Manager can come into play. Former and current dancers themselves, Curtain Call’s Relationship Managers are both sounding boards and sources of inspiration for you. Give us a call just to bounce some ideas around or to pick our brains. Our experienced customer service team is also here to help and can guide you through every step of the process (which only takes 8-10 weeks for a custom design!).

    One great idea can lead to another, and another! Each performance raises the bar for the next and we’re here to help. By fully utilizing the power of Perform® Custom you can ensure that every performance is better than the last.

    We’d love to hear what inspires you this season! Where did you find your inspiration for this season’s performance?

  • 7 New Year’s Resolutions We’ll Help You Keep in 2015!

    It’s that time of year again—the time when many of us make New Year’s Resolutions that, unfortunately, are often forgotten as the year progresses. In fact, according to a poll by the University of Scranton psychology department, while 71 percent of resolution-makers stay on track for the first two weeks of the year, less than 50 percent are still on track six months later.

    The most common resolutions, according to this poll, have to do with losing weight, getting organized and spending less. We may not be able to help you with that first one, but we have some suggestions and resources to stay on track with those last two. Here are some recommendations from Curtain Call for your 2015 resolutions:

    • Resolution #1: “I’m going to save money on costumes in 2015.” Take advantage of early buy discounts to bolster your budget right off the bat. You still have a few weeks to act on our early buy discount which will end on January 19. (And, since those first two weeks are when you’re most likely to keep your resolutions, this is one you can act on right now!)
    • Resolution #2: “I’m going to make sure to think about the ‘little things’—like accessories and tights—well in advance.” No worries here—if you fall short of this resolution as the year progresses, our in-stock availability will ensure that you have all of the elements you need to make your recital a success!
    • Resolution #3: “I’m going to think of some simple ways to earn more money for my studio.” Curtain Call’s class wear program builds a personalized online store for studios for free! Money earned can be collected as cash or used as credit toward future costume purchases.
    • Resolution #4: “I’m going to be more inspired as I organize my shows.” Browse our site, our catalogs and our Pinterest board to help get your creative juices flowing! (Be sure to check out our Trends line for some really unique ideas, or consider a custom approach—we’ll work with you and fill your custom order within 8-10 weeks.)
    • Resolution #5: “I’m going to find ways for my studio to be more involved in community outreach.” (Our Relationship Managers know about many great examples from around the country that they’d be glad to share with you.)
    • Resolution #6: “I’m going to focus on my own personal and professional development.” It’s not too early to plan to attend some key industry events to build your network, generate new ideas and stay on top of your game. A couple that we recommend are:
    • Resolution #7: “I’m going to have fun this year!” Dance should be fun and we’ll help make it so. We’re committed to working with our customers to find the best solutions for their needs and to make sure that they have what they need when they need it.

    Make 2015 the best year ever. We’ll help you be part of the 50 percent that make their resolutions a reality. In fact, with the busy planning season about to begin, we’re extending our customer service hours; we’ll be available until 7:00 p.m. eastern time through the end of February.

    Happy New Year!

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