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  • Rescuing you from an “Oops!” moment

    It’s that time of year again, and you’re starting to run into problems.

    • Did another company let you down?
    • Does the style you ordered not fit?
    • Did you forget to order for an entire class?
    • Are your costumes stuck in customs?
    • Did someone enroll at the last minute?
    • Do you need accessories and props?

    These moments of panic create additional stress during an already hectic time of year.  But no matter how well we plan, surprises will always come up.  “Oops!” moments happen, but they can be less painful when you have trusted help standing by.

    With a wide array of styles, colors and sizes in stock and ready to ship in two business days or less, you won’t have to settle for something less than perfect for your performance. To make last minute shopping even easier, you can view live inventory of all styles online, so you don’t have to call and guess what may be available.

    Accessories complete the look and add extra pizzazz to every performance, but they are also the easiest things to forget or lose! It’s exactly that reason that we stock thousands of hats, gloves, headbands and hair accessories.

    We know you work hard…but when the unexpected occurs—and it often does—we can help you find the answer.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for online, our team of relationship managers and customer service representatives would love to add extra assistance.

    Can’t find what you’re looking for in stock? Our customer valued record of 100% on time shipping does not go unnoticed during this busy time of the season and we offer one of the shortest lead times for items not in stock.

    So spend your time focusing on the many other details that must come together for the 2015 performance season and trust every “Oops!” to us. Learn more about our in stock availability (and even score some discounts).


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