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  • NX3: The New Generation of Fashion

    Curtain Call® has been awarded exclusive distribution privileges for NX3™, a fresh new Hip Hop dance and apparel collection. This exclusive agreement gives Curtain Call® the opportunity to offer studios exclusive pricing on a new generation of fashion that represents the freedom of expression and style.

    The NX3™ collection was developed in collaboration with Will and Monique Wingfield, master class dance artists with 20+ years’ experience working in the dance and entertainment industry, and inspired by dancers who understand the true definition of Hip Hop is not to be defined. “Hip Hop is more than music – it’s a culture, a state of mind. It’s the way you walk, talk, dress, and act.”—Will & Moe Wingfield.

    The NX3™ collection is intended to enhance the current Curtain Call® lines and serve the dance community looking for an urban streetwear appearance that complements the Hip Hop aesthetic. Curtain Call® will continue to offer traditional costumes and accessories ensuring that all customers’ performance needs are fulfilled.

    NX3™ – Music ∙ Movement ∙ Lifestyle catalog will be available to Curtain Call customers VERY SOON!  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the big announcement!

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