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  • It's Cold Outside: Let's Warm Up!

    Throughout the course of my education and career in dance, I have watched countless peers, students and friends be resigned to sitting in the wings for a season due to heartbreaking injuries that could have been avoided by properly warming up.

    As dancers, we need to take care of our bodies—they are our instruments, after all! As teachers, we have a responsibility to make sure that our students not only take the time to warm up, but understand best practices for avoiding injuries and feeling their very best.

    While warming up is a personal process that will differ from dancer to dancer, there are some general guidelines to follow that can help ensure a warm up is complete and effective. To help communicate these guidelines to dancers of every age and technique level, we’ve compiled insights and tips from various medical and dance resources into the below infographic. Feel free to share it with your students and fellow dancers!
    Have a warm up routine to share? Or ideas for helping students understand the importance of warming up? Share in the comments below!

    Always Dancing,

    Stacey Raab
    Curtain Call Relationship Manager


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