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  • Giving Thanks to Your Biggest Fans

    flowersEach year on the fourth Thursday of November, many Americans take time to reflect on what they are grateful for. As a studio owner, it’s easy to get caught up as you juggle running your business with the holiday season, but it’s important to thank those who continue to make your studio a success all year long. Doing so shows you care for and respect your customers, which can help strengthen your relationships. Here are eight ways to thank your studio parents and dancers:

    1. Make parents feel welcomed and comfortable. If your studio space allows for it, set up a coffee or magazine station for parents to enjoy while waiting for their dancers. By making your customers feel comfortable and offering small tokens of gratitude, you show you are thinking about the long hours a dance parent may have.
    2. When students or families volunteer in support of studio initiatives or events, take time to write hand-written notes to show your gratitude. A bouquet of flowers for dancers that meet a goal or for parents that go above-and-beyond volunteering to make the studio’s recital or community event a success can also be a nice gesture.
    3. Host a Parent Participation or Observation Day, in which parents of students can experience first-hand or observe a variety of dance styles and classes. Not only will parents have fun and learn more about dance, they will leave with a deeper understanding of your studio.
    4. Thank senior students by allowing them to lead a class. It’s a fun way for students to flex their skills and take initiative with something they love to do.
    5. Organize a student and parent group outing by obtaining group tickets to a local play, musical, ballet or symphony. This allows your studio community to spend time together and enjoy the arts at a discounted price.
    6. Give a discount on classes, costumes or classwear to dancers who register for a certain number of classes or to those who refer others to your studio. Additionally, consider setting up a milestone program to recognize students that have been with your studio for five or more years. Giving out certificates or small gifts (such as framed photos, dance gear, pins or jewelry), can be a sincere and personalized way to show students you appreciate their loyalty and want them to stay and grow with your studio family.
    7. When parents put in extra hours to support studio events, organize a raffle featuring local businesses including spa days, restaurant gift certificates, or parent studio gear for them to wear to competitions. These special gifts show you recognize the work and impact volunteers are making.
    8. For students, host cast parties to help them celebrate and show that you’re thankful for the hard work that they have put in. This gives students the fun time they deserve after all of their dedication and effort.

    Whether it’s a special event or gift, or simply kind words, it’s important to share thanks with your students and their families. Whichever way you choose to show your gratitude, make it personal to continue to deepen your student and parent relationships.

  • We're Thankful for You!

    We're Thankful for You Sweepstakes

    Valued Customers,

    'Tis the season of thanks, and this year, I want to personally thank each and every one of our loyal customers for your ongoing support of Curtain Call. We are so honored to be part of your dancing journeys, and look forward to inspiring creativity together this holiday season and beyond.

    To thank you for your ongoing dedication and inspiration, we are hosting a “Thankful for You Sweepstakes.” Orders placed between November 9 and December 8 will be automatically entered to win a number of prizes, like free shipping on all fill-in orders for the rest of the season or 20 free custom warm-ups with embellishment from Studio I.D.®. If you’ve already made an order, or aren’t quite yet ready to place one, you can still enter the contest! Just fill out our online contact form and add “We’re Thankful for You Sweepstakes” in the comment field. You can also enter via mail. Additional details can be found here.

    From the beginning, Curtain Call has sought to bring you more than just beautiful costumes, but also the confidence and peace of mind knowing that you're getting high quality styles, delivered on time, with exceptional service. We value the work you do and want to help your business run as smoothly as possible so you can focus on doing what you love—sharing your passion for dance.

    Keep dancing,
    Tighe King

  • ‘Tis the Season: Preparing for Holiday Showcases

    Preparing-for-Holiday-ShowcasesBy: Elizabeth Barton

    Between family gatherings, friend gift exchanges, and work parties, it may seem near impossible to find time during the holiday season, but there’s always time for a holiday showcase! Holiday showcases do not have to be on the same scale as your spring recital, but can create a fun performance opportunity to keep your students engaged during the winter season. Holiday performances are also a great way to showcase all styles of dance and even other performance arts like singing, theatre and gymnastics. They can also be a great test to see if a full holiday show would make sense for your studio next year. Here are a few steps to have your studio participate in the holiday season:



    Line up logistics: If you haven’t booked a venue yet have no fear! Consider hosting a holiday showcase at your studio. Instead of renting a local theatre, set up standing room or chairs in the studio to accommodate your anticipated audience. Doing so will not only help to control costs, but may also make planning easier; there’s no need to rent dress rehearsal space and all of your dancers and parents will be familiar with the location and know exactly where to go. On the other hand, think about renting out a local school gym for a minimal fee and holding an informal performance where students can just have fun. Wherever the holiday performance is held, don’t be afraid to recruit parents to help and dress up the studio with festive decorations.


    By scheduling the showcase for early December, you can kick off the holiday season for your studio community members, while minimizing scheduling conflicts. If you live in a region with four seasons, consider listing a snow date.


    Alternatively, you can perform at existing local holiday events and gatherings, such as parades and retirement homes.


    Plan the performance: Don’t worry about the performance having a cohesive storyline. Each class can perform a single song, potentially with a holiday or seasonal theme, and teachers may decide if those more experienced students are also able to perform solos, duos or trios. This is a great way to empower teachers to come together to discuss what each class will be doing and allow them to take creative liberty, while working as a team. Holiday performances are not just limited to traditional styles of dance. Studios who offer classes such as theatre, singing, and gymnastics can participate as well.


    When it comes to what to wear, there’s still time to order complete holiday costumes. You can also order thematic accessories, such as antlers, tiaras and bows, which students can wear with their class wear. There are lots of ways to get students looking the part and into the holiday spirit.


    Give Back: The holidays are a great time to give thanks for what you have as well as to give back to your community or a favorite charity. Consider collecting a $5 showcase admission fee to be donated to a charity or ask for a canned food item or toy per audience member for a local food bank or toy drive. You could even ask your studio community to vote for the cause the performance will support.


    Celebrate: Your students work hard each week. After the showcase, let them celebrate their performances and enjoy the company of their teammates. This also allows members of the studio and their families to socialize, deepening bonds within the studio community.


    Some post-performance celebration ideas include a cast party or cookie exchange. Be sure to include activities that reflect all of the cultures of your student body and think about doing an end of year recap in a slideshow format for all to enjoy.


    The holiday season is a great time to spread cheer with performance and optional charitable giving activities. Additionally, holiday showcases, no matter how small, allow students to engage and rehearse with their classes before recital season, while also giving you marketing materials. Consider sharing the performance on social media and inviting prospective students to attend, both of which could lead to growth opportunities for your studio.

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