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  • A Dancer's Guide to New Year's Resolutions

    By: Jordann Smith-Kingston, Curtain Call® Intern and Model

    1M-T4060As a college student majoring in dance, I not only spend a lot of time dancing, but also writing, talking, and thinking about dance. My improvements in dance determine my grades, and with constant new ideas, it can be difficult to stay focused on improving. I often easily forget the reason I love to dance. To gain direction and reset focus, I have found goal setting to be an effective solution. The start of a new year is the perfect time to reset the stage and rework the choreography. Here are my 10 resolutions of 2017:

    1. Dance Anytime, Anywhere!
    I often find the urge to do a grand jete or pirouette unbearable. Though, I always refrain, knowing the strange looks that will follow from bystanders. This year I hope to say, “so what?” to the onlookers and move freely, as I wish. I hope my joy for dance will remind me, life is a performance and I don’t need a barre or a class to justify dancing.

    2. Clean Out That Dance Bag
    My dance bag has everything from old homework and orange peels, to athletic tape and bobby pins. It is easy to quickly cram everything in and decide to deal with it later. But, later, is now. A clean dance bag, is a clear mind… which will help me easily find the things I do need, (like the left shoe that always disappears just before class). Keeping the stinky dance shoe smell away is important, too. I recommend after-use spray for shoes, scent balls made for athletic gear, or small bags of lavender.

    3. Ice, Ice Baby
    Icing can help with treating an injury, coping with an ongoing pain, or even preventing a future injury. For many dancers, including myself, this is often ignored advice. The constant strain our bodies endure from dance and other activities increases our risk of overused joints and shin splints. Icing more frequently will help me approach every class and rehearsal more fully charged.

    4. Eat Healthy
    Our diets play a large role in our attitude, energy levels, skin, digestive patterns, and so much more. For dancers, it’s difficult to balance a healthy diet with rigorous rehearsal schedules. To focus on a well-balanced diet, I have decided to implement a few little tricks. Packing light, energy loaded snacks of almonds, berries, or rice cakes with peanut butter, for long days of rehearsal. Precooking my meals, rather than buying on-the-go, to control portions and regulate healthy ingredients. Controlling indulgences, rather than letting the indulgences control me. And lastly, listening to my body and not overeating.

    5. Cross Train for Cardio
    Stamina is my weakest point of dance. To improve this, work must be done outside of the studio to concentrate on strengthening the heart. For dancers, the most beneficial activities are low-impact: swimming, elliptical, hot-yoga, cycling, or Pilates are some excellent examples. These exercises will also build muscle in areas not always utilized through dance.

    6. Get Back to the Basics
    Continuing to take beginner level classes helps to concentrate on basic technique. It is the perfect opportunity to remove the complexity of phrases or movements, and focus on small details, like muscle initiation or positioning. After all, life is about enjoying the little things, like nailing a triple pirouette en pointe for the first time!

    7. Wear Supportive Gear
    Although it’s easy to throw on a pair of flip-flops in the summer, they provide minimal support. Make conscious decisions when choosing proper footwear. Choose something that protects your feet, while supporting your arch and helping you to maintain proper posture and weight-distribution.

    8. See More Professional Dance
    Living in D.C., there are always popular groups or individuals coming to perform. Immersing yourself in professional performances allows you to see things differently or learn something new. Supporting other artists helps to find fresh inspiration and is also a great way to network with other dancers!

    9. Rehearse Before Rehearsal
    Rehearsal is intended for learning new choreography and reworking to perfect technique. It is not, however, time for reviewing old material. By rehearsing before, more time can be spent cleaning and the choreographer will view you as a well-prepared, professional student.

    10. Dance for ME!
    Every dancer has reasons for staying up late and spending hours in rehearsals and class or enduring large amounts of pain. Whatever the reason is, it always boils down to a love of dance. This year, I plan to keep that focus in mind as a mantra. I refuse to dance in order to make someone else approve or to try to dance like someone else or to try to change myself. I will dance because it has been and always will be my first love. It is the one constant in my life and brings me an inexplicable resounding joy that I want to share. Dancing defines me!

  • 7 New Year’s Resolutions We’ll Help You Keep in 2015!

    It’s that time of year again—the time when many of us make New Year’s Resolutions that, unfortunately, are often forgotten as the year progresses. In fact, according to a poll by the University of Scranton psychology department, while 71 percent of resolution-makers stay on track for the first two weeks of the year, less than 50 percent are still on track six months later.

    The most common resolutions, according to this poll, have to do with losing weight, getting organized and spending less. We may not be able to help you with that first one, but we have some suggestions and resources to stay on track with those last two. Here are some recommendations from Curtain Call for your 2015 resolutions:

    • Resolution #1: “I’m going to save money on costumes in 2015.” Take advantage of early buy discounts to bolster your budget right off the bat. You still have a few weeks to act on our early buy discount which will end on January 19. (And, since those first two weeks are when you’re most likely to keep your resolutions, this is one you can act on right now!)
    • Resolution #2: “I’m going to make sure to think about the ‘little things’—like accessories and tights—well in advance.” No worries here—if you fall short of this resolution as the year progresses, our in-stock availability will ensure that you have all of the elements you need to make your recital a success!
    • Resolution #3: “I’m going to think of some simple ways to earn more money for my studio.” Curtain Call’s class wear program builds a personalized online store for studios for free! Money earned can be collected as cash or used as credit toward future costume purchases.
    • Resolution #4: “I’m going to be more inspired as I organize my shows.” Browse our site, our catalogs and our Pinterest board to help get your creative juices flowing! (Be sure to check out our Trends line for some really unique ideas, or consider a custom approach—we’ll work with you and fill your custom order within 8-10 weeks.)
    • Resolution #5: “I’m going to find ways for my studio to be more involved in community outreach.” (Our Relationship Managers know about many great examples from around the country that they’d be glad to share with you.)
    • Resolution #6: “I’m going to focus on my own personal and professional development.” It’s not too early to plan to attend some key industry events to build your network, generate new ideas and stay on top of your game. A couple that we recommend are:
    • Resolution #7: “I’m going to have fun this year!” Dance should be fun and we’ll help make it so. We’re committed to working with our customers to find the best solutions for their needs and to make sure that they have what they need when they need it.

    Make 2015 the best year ever. We’ll help you be part of the 50 percent that make their resolutions a reality. In fact, with the busy planning season about to begin, we’re extending our customer service hours; we’ll be available until 7:00 p.m. eastern time through the end of February.

    Happy New Year!

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