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  • Curtain Call® 2019 Favorites

    It has been my privilege to work as a Relationship Manager for Curtain Call for several years. Truthfully, I consider my job as a Relationship Manager to be pretty great. Not only do I have the opportunity to continue working in an industry I love long after I hung up my pointe shoes, but I have the chance to work with studio owners and teachers on a daily basis. I joke with many of my customers that I live vicariously through them and I have lots of fun helping them select recital themes, costumes, and more. I love seeing our customers’ visions come to life on stage. I work very closely with many studio owners throughout Georgia and Florida and every year when our new line is released, our customers ask me about my favorite styles. I always have my own personal favorites whether it be a very on trend Jazz look, or a really gorgeous and flowy Contemporary style.

    2019 favorites

    However, not every one of my personal favorite costumes is good for every customer. Sometimes, the style doesn’t work within their overall theme. Occasionally, the style isn’t the right choice for the age group of the dancers who would be wearing the costume. Whatever the reason, as a Relationship Manager, it is my job to think beyond my own personal style choices and think about what is best for the dancer, the dancer’s parents, the teacher, and the studio owner.

    As a manufacturer and supplier of costumes, it falls on us to think beyond the style itself and to think about the needs of our customers. Perhaps what makes a style a “winner” isn’t just that it is a pretty costume, but that it is in stock when the customer needs it. Maybe the costume is selected because the style would look good on a class of dancers where there is a big age range and the costume needs to look great on everyone. Or, maybe the costume works well for the customer because it isn’t a specific look, meaning it would work just as well for a jazz class featuring 5 and 6 year old dancers as it would for a fun hip hop routine featuring 12 year old dancers.
    To that end, we have curated a list of our “Favorites” – an initial collection of styles that we love, not only because we love the look and feel of the costume, but because of their versatility. Consider our Curtain Call 2019 Favorites not just our recommendations, but also styles that will meet your needs.


    It is also our personal commitment to you to ensure the following:

    • Every Curtain Call 2019 Favorite style is guaranteed to be in stock and ready for your orders by the end of October.
    • Every Curtain Call 2019 Favorite style is a Y.P.A.D. approved costume, age appropriate, and fashion forward.
    • Every Curtain Call 2019 Favorite style will be available to be viewed at costume shows, whether it is our new full line show in Baltimore, our regional shows hosted by your Relationship Manager, or UDMA.

    You may also reach out to your Relationship Manager to ask more about the selection of styles, or ask to view samples of the costumes. Does this mean these are the only costumes we recommend to you? Absolutely not! We have three catalogs full of beautiful and on trend costumes: Curtain Call, Perform, and NX3. Our goal with our Curtain Call 2019 Favorites is to reinforce our commitment to you to be a company with fashion forward, in stock styles, which meet you and your dancer’s needs.

    Shop our Favorite styles now

    We hope you love our new line and we can’t wait to see you at shows this fall. For those of you in Georgia and Florida, I just may have a few themes and ideas ready to share with you. I’ll keep planning imaginary recitals in my head just in case you could use a few new ideas.

    Happy dancing,

  • See the Sparkle for Yourself

    At Curtain Call, we understand how important it is for you to be able to see and touch our costumes in person. Even better, being able to experience the flow of a contemporary dress, the shimmer of sequins, and the movement of fringe by having models bring the costumes to life! This season, we strategically placed a number of Curtain Call hosted costume preview shows throughout the country for your convenience.

    Why should you attend a Curtain Call hosted event?CCWelcomesYou-2016
    • Get an exclusive, in-person look at our new 2018 Curtain Call®, Perform®, and NX3® Collections
    • Meet your regional Relationship Manager
    • Learn about our Curtain Call for Class® program and see the latest collection
    • Come alone or bring your whole team for a costume planning event
    • Mix and mingle with fellow dance enthusiasts and dance studio owners
    • Learn about our Curtain Call Rewards program

    NEW this season… if you attend a Curtain Call hosted* event you may be eligible for a 5% Show Bonus! This show bonus, Curtain Call Cash, can be earned on all orders over $1,000 placed by November 27, 2017 and is in addition to any eligible discount! Learn more about this exclusive offer!

    If you’re not able to visit us at one of our hosted shows, stop by and visit us at one of the four UDMA events!

    For details about our Curtain Call hosted shows and to RSVP, view our Upcoming Events!

    We look forward to seeing you soon!

  • Perform Group Celebrates 45 Years!

    In August 1969, Tighe King was a young, and newly retired Air Force fighter pilot who had flown 158 combat missions in Vietnam. He returned to his hometown of York with his wife, a young child and a plan to work at his parents’ sportswear business, King’s Sportswear, for a year.

    Fast forward to today and that business, now known as Perform Group LLC, is celebrating its 45th anniversary and is widely recognized as an international leader in dance and gymnastics wear. The journey from fighter pilot to athletic designer and manufacturer might appear unexpected, but as King said, “Anything and everything I’ve done, I’ve done with a passion. When I joined the business, I wanted to see where I could take it.”

    The young father immediately applied his military sense of order, planning and teamwork to grow the business. In 1969, he acquired Curtain Call Costumes (today Curtain Call®), tripling its market in his first full year. Nearly a decade later, he formed a new division of gymnastics apparel called Alpha Factor®. The company was renamed Perform Group LLC in 2006 and began focusing on both mail order and direct sales of specialty performance apparel. The company’s brands now also include Curtain Call for Class® and Aerials by Alpha Factor®.

    What has—and will continue to—set Perform Group apart, said King, is a focus on quality, value and customer service. “Anything I said I’d do, I did it,” he said. “If I made a mistake, I corrected it. Both our competitors and our customers know that our approach is grounded in integrity and honesty. That has always been our base and foundation.”

    Perform Group was one of the first big manufacturers to bring technology into the manufacturing process, from computerized pattern making and cutting to a high-tech production system. It pioneered the use of spandex in costuming. It also led the way to better customer service management, by installing relationship managers around the country to provide support to dance schools and gyms—anything from locating product samples to ensuring proper fit and sizing for athletes.

    Along the way, the apparel manufacturer outfitted the U.S. Olympic women’s gymnastics team on its way to its first-ever gold in the 1996 Atlanta games and the Russian men’s and women’s gymnastics teams in 2012, when they earned silver. The company’s dance costumes have appeared in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, at the Super Bowl and at Kilgore College, worn by the legendary Rangerettes dance team.

    Although today not heavily involved in day to day operations as he once was, Tighe is seriously involved in strategic development and assuring the values of the company continue to be retained going into the future. “My biggest motivation has always been to do something better today than yesterday,” he said. “As time goes on, we want to continue to do what we do to the best of our ability.”

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