Top 10 Things All Choreographers Know to Be True

08232016-ChoreographersChoreography is a form of creativity that has the power to connect dancers physically, intellectually and emotionally. With each piece you develop, you’re creating a story; weaving together not only movements, but ideas and feelings, that dancers and audience members alike can relate to. Even after a long day and aching blisters, there’s nothing else in the world choreographers would rather do.

Here are ten things that only choreographers will understand:

  1. Creativity can spark at any moment. Whether you’re listening to music on your morning commute or shopping for a new outfit or costume -- you find inspiration everywhere. A new beat or design can get choreography started in your head.
  2. Every new song on the radio is judged on a scale from impossible to easily choreograph-able. You know all the top hits before they are hits.
  3. Your self-evaluation of the choreography makes a mirror your best friend and worst enemy.
  4. Your choreography outfit style changes based on your mood. Sometimes it’s hair down, shoes and harem pants, other times it is shorts and bare feet.
  5. No matter how many times you review your notes, when it comes time to teach a routine, you won’t be able to read your handwriting.
  6. By the end of you teaching this newly choreographed piece, number counts turn into noises. Cue the boom, chas, uh-ohs, etc.
  7. You live your emotions through dance and every choreographed piece represents a part of your life.
  8. YouTube is your favorite social channel. Hours of inspiration right at your fingertips.
  9. You find yourself judging choreography in every dance movie, show and concert, and how your spin could make it better.
  10. Seeing your choreography come to life is the one of the most gratifying feelings you can experience.
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