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Curtain Call® Sensory Icons

Curtain Call® is proud to be recognized as the first Y.P.A.D. Certified costume company! Y.P.A.D. stands for Youth Protection Advocates in Dance, and is a nonprofit dedicated to building empowered dance communities to keep youth happy, healthy and safe in dance. Curtain Call continues to lead the costume industry by incorporating diversity, inclusiveness and safety in how costumes are designed, photographed and promoted. 

We believe dancers should feel comfortable so they can focus on the joy of dance. Our helpful icons help assist you in selecting the perfect garment for all of your dancers.


Curtain Call would like to express a special 'Thank You' to the members of Y.P.A.D.’s Advisory Panel of Industry Experts and the participating studios this season for their support and collaboration in evaluating our costumes to determine which garments accommodate diverse needs.

Stephanie Clay, Owner/Director - Stephanie's Academy of Dance
Katie Gatlin, M.S. Mental Health Counseling/Dance Educator, Advisory Panel Member and Consultant
Tina Singer, Owner - Amyclae Dance Academy
Tricia Gomez, Owner - Rhythm Works Integrative Dance
Kelly Smith, Owner/Artistic Director - The Ballet School
Annette Siguenza - Owner/Director - A Place to Dance
Misty Lown, Owner/Director - More Than Just Great Dancing™ and Misty’s Dance Unlimited™
Leslie Scott, Founder of  Y.P.A.D.™
Joseph Zanovitch, Director of Y.P.A.D.™