Find the perfect music and choreography for your Curtain Call costume with MusicWorks! 

Music pairings are featured with 48 Curtain Call styles for the 2016-2017 season. Browse our MusicWorks category online to see all the costumes offered! Click on the style to view details about the style and the MusicWorks pairing. Each style will have a link to the MusicWorks song suggested. 

MusicWorks provides dance teachers with an unlimited supply of reosources for their dance studio needs. Visit the vast library of products syllabi, dance class plans, books, routines, choreography, training aids, songs, dances and so much more! 

Curtain Call & MusicWorks = Recital Readiness and Performance Success! 

      1. Select your favorite Curtain Call costume
      2. Click on the MusicWorks link to bring you to MusicWorks’ site
      3. Click preview to listen to the original, creative, and age appropriate song
      4. Download music and choreography directly to your computer


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